About us

Gemstones… a life long journey!

One of my earliest childhood memories is of the rock collection that I amassed in the basement of my parent's house. All my life I have had a particular interest in rocks of all types. Throughout school I took any and ever course I could that would allow to study rocks and by the time I graduated it was abundantly apparent that finding a career that would allow me to continue to surround myself by these most fascinating of objects. Of course there were plenty of opportunities to study rocks in professions such as oil and gas exploration but I found myself drawn to gemstones and the idea of turning mother nature's exquisite creations into beautiful pieces of art to adorn the human body. So began my journey as a jeweller. For more than a decade I have been providing clients with beautiful diamond and gemstone jewellery at very reasonable prices. I only work with genuine gemstones and diamonds. On the very rare occasion that something is artificial or lab grown it will very clearly be stated as such. My designs are usually simple solitaire styled pieces. The emphasis of my jewellery is very much on the beauty of the stone. I am very proud to be able to offer really great value to my customers. I typically aim to sell my pieces at around 30%-40% of the value that they have been appraised at. I am able to do this by purchasing large parcels of non conflict gemstones direct from miners/cutters around the world as well as maintaining a low overhead. I am dedicated to providing prompt, courteous and professional service. Additionally I stand behind every item that I create and offer a generous return policy, please see my shop policies for more details. Thank-you for reading my story and I hope to have the chance to provide you with a piece of jewellery that will provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family.

Hamlet E Commerce Pvt. Ltd.